Success of Ph.D. ME Graduate Student Ali Mohammadi about his Research
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  • Success of Ph.D. ME Graduate Student Ali Mohammadi about his Research

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The journal article of title " Hydrodynamic and Thermal Performance of Microchannels with Different In-Line Arrangements of Cylindrical Micropin Fins " of Sabancı University  Mechatronics Engineering Ph.D.  student Ali Mohammadi, which was co-authored by the FENS Faculty Member Dr. Ali Koşar, was recently published in the journal of ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, one of the most prestigious journals in Thermal Sciences field.   This article attracted much attention of Engineering community so that it was selected to the Key Scientific Featured Articles List of this week in the category of Mechanical Engineering in the website of Advances in Engineering, which features papers of exceptional scientific importance and intelligible to a broad scientific audience.  Advances in Engineering is highly selective. The invited articles are less than 0.1% of the whole published literature and were chosen by a team of advisers and experts in the field.  This study provides useful information about flow morphology and heat transfer in micro pin fin heat sinks and design guidelines of new generation micro heat sinks. Advances in Engineering Website is one of the most popular websites in the Engineering Technologies field.  Advances in Engineering Website and key scientific articles of this week can be reached from below: