This Year's Graduates Award

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Sabancı University aims at high standards in education which must also be in alignment with the academic philosophy of the University. For this reason, Sabancı University rewards the instances of high achievements in its education to encourage effective and efficient teaching practices.

Any faculty member can be nominated for this award provided that she/he has taught at least one of the University Courses within the last academic year. The award is presented to three people every year.

At the end of the academic year, the nominees are announced to the freshman students and these students vote to decide the recipients of this award.

Please see the corresponding instruction letter for more information.

Murat Kaya (FENS) Güvenç Şahin(FENS) İlker Birbil (FENS)
Ahmet Esen(SOM) Yoong Wah Alex Wong(FASS) Bratislav Pantelic (FASS)
Barış Balcıoğlu(FENS) Murat Kaya (FENS) Nilay Noyan (FENS)
Ali Rana Atılgan(FENS) Baris Balcioglu(FENS) Gurdal Ertek (FENS)
Ayhan Akman(FASS) Aksin Somel(FASS) Hakan Erdem(FASS) Hulya Canbakal(FASS) Mehmet Ali Alpar(FENS)
Cemil Kocak(FASS) Plamen Djakov(FENS) Ayhan Akman(FASS)
Plamen Djakov(FENS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Ayhan Akman(FASS)
Cem Guneri(FENS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Ayhan Akman(FASS)
Albert Erkip(FENS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Mehmet Ali Alpar(FENS)
Cem Guneri(FENS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Ayhan Akman(FASS)
Halil Berktay(FASS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Ayhan Akman(FASS)
Halil Berktay(FASS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Cem Guneri(FENS)
Halil Berktay(FASS) Cemil Kocak(FASS) Albert Erkip(FENS)