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At the end of each academic year the "Highest Ranking Student - Sakıp Sabancı Award" is presented to the undergraduate student graduating from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences student in that academic year. This includes the graduates of both the first and the second semester. The award is also presented to the highest ranking graduates of the other faculties separately. There is no application required for being nominated. For the amount of the award and also for other details, please see the corresponding instruction letter.

Previous Recipients:

Academic Year Student Name-Surname Program Institution Position
2016-2017 Fulya Türker Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
2015-2016 Barza Nisar Mechatronics Engineering
2014-2015 Ersin Çukurtaş Electronics Engineering
2014-2015 Bilal Demir Electronics Engineering
2013-2014 Yasin Razlık Computer Science and Engineering
2012-2013 Rebi Daldal Computer Science and Engineering
2012-2013 Onur Albert Aslan Mechatronics Engineering
2011-2012 Beste Mutlu Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Harvard University Phd Study
2010-2011 Omercan Yuksel Computer Science and Engineering Turkcell Teknoloji Engineer
2009-2010 Aycan Adrian Corum Electronics Engineering Sabancı Universitesi Master of Science
2008-2009 Ece Gulsen Material Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Science
2007-2008 Erdem Guleyupoglu Electronics Engineering Apple - California Engineer
2006-2007 Altug Hakan Baba Telecommunications Engineering Optumsoft, Inc. Engineer
2005-2006 Berke Cetinoneri Microelectronics Engineering Qualcomm Incorporated Engineer
2004-2005 Umit Baris Kutman Biological Science and Engineering Sabancı Universitesi Post-doct Research Fellow
2003-2004 Pelin Gulsah Canpolat Manufacturing System and Engineering Stanford University Asistant