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Dear Students,

Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics Engineering Programs have started their accreditation process by MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs), the only authorized body in our country for accreditation, as of January 2015. The purpose of accreditation is to guarantee continous evaluation and improvement of undergraduate education, and hence provide quality assurance. After MÜDEK accreditation, our strong diploma programs will be even more recognized worldwide.

As part of accreditation process, undergraduate students of the related Programs, in addition to their current graduation requirements, have to complete 60 ECTS basic science and 90 ECTS engineering creditsComputer Science and Engineering and Electronics Engineering undergraduate students, who will graduate at the end of Fall 2016-17 or in later semesters have to fulfill these sceince/engineering credit requirements. 

We strongly advise you to visit your graduation requirements page, check your current science/engineering credits and take these into account in your course selections in the coming terms. Your academic advisors are ready to provide guidance in this matter. Please contact your academic advisor.