Dr. Gürsel Sönmez Research Award

Dr. Gürsel Sönmez joined Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in September 2004 as a faculty member. On January 16, 2006 we lost him in an unfortunate traffic accident. His very short but extremely bright academic life includes quite prodigious contributions to science.

In order to memorize Dr. Gursel Sonmez and have his valuable achievements inspire people once again, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences honors one graduate student each year with "Dr. Gursel Sonmez Research Award".

Those M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who graduated in the last two academic years, or expected to graduate within an academic year can be nominated for the award. A student can nominate herself/himself or she/he can be nominated by a Sabancy University faculty member.

An application has to be related to a research study. It usually is related to a M.Sc. or a Ph.D. thesis work, however it can also be related to a journal or conference publication, or to a patent, or simply to a set of results from an unpublished research study. The application has to be made to the Dean's Office of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences with the following documents:

  • A recent CV of the applicant which includes a list of the academic studies
  • A summary of the study to which the application is related
  • A hard copy of the related publication or research study results
  • The deadline for the application to this award is announced every year by the Dean's Office of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
  • The award can be presented to multiple recipients in which case the award money is shared equally among the recipients.
Seyyed Hamed Mousavi

Seyyed Hamed Mousavi’s MS work first explored the ground-breaking work of Hardy, Ramanujan, and Rademacher on finding an exact formula for the partition function p(n). He then studied another problem pursuing similar ideas for another partition enumerant, and concluded with an almost complete result of his own. His original result is an exact formula for a certain class of colored partitions. He also has an alternative method to prove the second of the theorems. Hamed showed an outstanding performance and completed his MS course work and thesis in two semesters. He has submitted one journal article out of his thesis work and he has two other articles in preparation for submission. He was won five national and international medals in various venues.

Tolga Çağlar

  Tolga Çağlar’s PhD work focuses on phase transitions, specifically in spin glasses and other similar systems having quenched random impurities with dimensionality dependence. He took on various original problems where he used hard-spin mean field theory and renormalization group theory to obtain phase diagrams of various degrees of ordering in these systems and their transition characteristics, a topic of deep interest among the statistical physics groups with implications for a variety of other problems including networks. The global renormalization- group calculations are stated to be of the kind that very few people in the world can perform, and Tolga has successfully made original contributions in this area. His work led to novel and interesting results, and publication of four articles in one of the most well-known and prestigious journals in his field of research.

Rebi Daldal

Rebi Daldal, during his MS studies in Sabanci University, worked on modeling and developing algorithms for the batch testing of a series system in the sequential testing problem, a topic which has not been tackled in the existing literature. His work, which also constituted the basis for a TÜBİTAK 1001 project later on, resulted in two research articles in prestigious journals in his field. The first article focuses on the sequential testing problem when the groups of tests that can be performed together are restricted to subsets of given groups of tests. In the second article, he addressed the case where all groups of tests can be performed together. Rebi is the leading author in both articles and had significant contribution in problem modeling, the proof of their NP-hardness, algorithm design, and in particular coding and computer implementation. In addition to his thesis work, Rebi was also involved in a side project where his contribution led to a refereed international conference proceedings paper.

Beyza Vuruşaner

Jamal Seyyed Monfared Zanjani

Nima Tofighi

Çağlar Tırkaz

Bala Anı Akpınar

Mostafa Shojaeian

Alperen Acemoğlu

Nurşen Aydın,

Rüştü Umut Tok

Sinem Şaşmaz Muş

Süleyman Kardaş

Ayşe Özlem (Sezerman) Aykut

Elif Özden Yenigün

Göktuğ Karpat

Zeynep Altintas

Nurdagul Anbar

Tolga Dinc

Feysel Yalcin Yamaner

Halit Erdogan

Ibrahim Muter

Nilay Duruk Mutlubas

Lutfi Taner Tunc

Erdem Ozturk

Taner Aytun

Abdulkadir Akin

Cinar Oncel

Elif Damla Arisan

Mustafa Parlak

Canan Dagdeviren

Emre Ozlu

Osman El Atwani

Ahmet Fatih Tabak

Funda Celebi Inceoglu