EE Seminar

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Energy Efficient Traffic Distribution over Solar Powered Wireless Mesh Networks

Assistant Professor Sayed V. Azhari, Director of Broaband Networks Research Lab.,

School of Computer Engineering, Iran University of Science & Computer Engineering

In its simplest form, a Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is just a number of regular Access Points (AP), which are interconnected wirelessly to realize a broadband access network. Each mesh AP provides wireless access to clients such as laptops and wireless IP phones and at the same time relays traffic for other mesh APs. A few of the mesh APs will act as gateways that connect WMN clients to the Internet. In a solar powered WMN, the mesh APs do not need to be plugged into the power grid, therefore, no wires are required at all. Such a network is very easy to setup and can be flexibly used in a number of diverse applications, such as, augmenting network coverage, video surveillance of a remote area, tactical network infrastructure, search and rescue, and providing a coverage overlay for an existing WSN deployment. Designing a solar powered WMN requires facing several challenges, including, congestion control, node and link failures, self configuration and lifetime aware traffic distribution. In this talk I will present the challenges of improving WMN availability by doing energy efficient traffic distribution. I will in particular focus on challenges faced when using the IEEE802.11 MAC. I will also address QoS challenges over such a network.