MAT Seminar

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Prospects of Spherical Aberration Corrected Analytical S/TEM and Approaches for TEM Specimen Preparation

Dr. Elena Tchernychova

Abstract: Last decade of the developments in the field of transmission electron microscopy has contributed to the higher quality of the imaging and analytical results and as well as allowed easier access to the advanced details of materials structure, composition and some properties, unthinkable before. The main obstacle was to overcome the limit of resolution, set apart from other factors by the lens spherical aberration. Further important achievements were done in the improvement of the source (brightness, energy resolution). Brighter sources with corrected spherical aberration along with advances in the detectors including those for EDX and EELS allowed faster collection of both imaging and analytical signals with a greater detail and quality. The presented talk would give a brief overview of history of microscopy from light microscopy limitations to the contemporary scanning TEM (S/TEM), introduce the problem of spherical aberration and present the application area of the contemporary probe-spherical aberration corrected S/TEM instrument on some selected examples of solved materials' problems. Specimen preparation procedures including conventional plan and cross-section specimens as well as focused ion beam (FIB), tripod polishing and ultramicrotomy will be presented in the second part of the talk.