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(Numerical) Relativity at the Age of Gravitational Wave Detection

Fethi Mubin Ramazanoğlu

Princeton University

Physics and astronomy are entering a new era as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is expecting its first detection in this decade. In the strong gravity regime that is most relevant to gravitational wave production, the usual exact and approximate analytical techniques fail. As a result, numerical techniques have come to the forefront of gravitation research, and recently expanded their influence far beyond gravitational wave science. In this talk, I will review the many facets of numerical relativity from constraining the neutron star equation of state to elucidating the origins of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs), and from testing General Relativity in the strong field regime for the first time to gaining new insights in classical and quantum-gravity, including the AdS/CFT correspondence.