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Beste Bahçeci

Mechatronics, M.Sc. Thesis, 2013

Thesis Jury
Assoc. Prof. Kemalettin Erbatur (Thesis Supervisor), Assoc. Prof. Ali Koşar, Assoc. Prof. Mahmut F. Akşit, Assoc. Prof. Albert Levi, Asst. Prof. Alpay Taralp

Date &Time: August,13th, 2013 – 16:00

Place: FENS G029 


Keywords: Contour tracking, force control, fuzzy tuning, feedforward control


Industrial robots have great importance inmanufacturing. Typical uses of the robots are welding, painting, deburing, grinding, polishing and shape recovery. Most of these tasks such as grinding, deburring need force control to achieve high performance. These tasks involve contour following.

Contour following is a challenging task because in many of applications the geometry physical of the targeted contour are unknown. In addition to that, achieving tasks as polishing, grinding and deburring requires small force and velocity tracking errors. In order to accomplish these tasks, disturbances have to be taken account.

In this thesis the aim is to achieve contour tracking with using fuzzy online tuning. The fuzzy method is proposed in this thesis to adjust a feedforward force control parameter. In this technique, the varying feedforward control parameter compensates for disturbance effects.

The method employs the chattering of control signal and the normal force and tangential velocity errors to adjust the control term. Simulations with the model of a direct drive planar elbow manipulator are used to last proposed technique