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Tolga Dinçer

Physics, PhD Dissertation, 2013 

Thesis Jury 

Assoc. Prof. Emrah Kalemci (Thesis Supervisor), Prof. Ali Alpar, Prof. Tansel Ak, Assoc. Prof. Unal Ertan, Assoc. Prof. Mujdat Çetin

Date &Time: August, 13th, 2013 - 13:00

Place: FENS G029

Keywords: Black Holes, Compact Objects, Astrophysical Jets


This thesis is aimed at understanding of the accretion-ejection processes and the physical environment in the vicinity of the black hole X-ray binaries. In this context, X-ray spectral and temporal, and optical/infrared photometric properties of black hole X-ray binaries are examined to focus on the interplay between the accretion disk, the corona,the jet and the black hole. In the first part, we investigate a jet associated brightening in the OIR light curves of GX 339-4 during its 2011 outburst decay. The SEDs taken at the rising part of the OIR rebrightening yield flat spectra. Again during the rising part of the brightening we detected fluctuations with the binary period of the system. In the second part we compare the relation between the spectral hardness and the reflection amplitude of black hole and neutron star systems.  In the third part we discuss the nature of X-ray spectra softening within a few days prior to or following the start of the indications of the jet activity.  In the fourth part, we relate the jet formation to the changes or differences in the short term X-ray variability.