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Dr. Yogendra Mishra

Institute for Materials Science, University of Kiel in Germany will present a talk this Friday Sept 20th, 2013 from 13:40-14:30 entitled ''Fabrication of metal oxide nano-microstructures and their 3D interconnected networks by a novel flame transport synthesis approach: From electronic to biomedical applications''. I kindly invite everyone to attend this informative and important future subject. You may find Dr. Mishra's abstract of talk and biography immediately below. 


Recently, we have introduced a new synthesis technique called ‘flame transport synthesis-FTS’ approach to fabricate different metal oxide nano-micro structures and their large 3D interconnected networks [1]. ZnO nanostructures such as nanoseaurchins, nanorods, nanowires, nanobelts, nanonails, nanobolts, and tetrapods are among those structures synthesized by FTS approach in a versatile manner. The synthesis of free-standing nano-microscale tetrapods and their interconnected networks by FTS approach also offered routes in fabricating devices for many applications that include electronic, photo-detection, mechanical and biomedical engineering. ZnO tetrapods have been employed as linkers for joining the two least surface energy polymers [2]. Using these tetrapods as fillers, multifunctional composites can be fabricated e.g., self-reporting composites [3]. The FTS synthesized ZnO structures exhibit the capability of blocking the viral entry (herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2) into the cells [4, 5]. Fabrication of interconnected networks by FTS offers several technological applications, e.g., synthesizing a carbon based new ‘Aerographite’ material which is the lest dense materials in the world [5] or as viral filter etc.    


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Biography: Dr. Yogendra Mishra, did Ph. D. in Physics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and afterwards he was Alexander von Humboldt research fellow at University of Kiel, Germany during 2009-2011. Presently, he is doing habilitation at Functional Nanomaterials, Institute for Materials Science, University of Kiel, Germany. Dr. Yogendra research field interest includes Flame transport synthesis of metal oxide nano-microstructures and physiochemical modification of nanomaterials by swift heavy ions.