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Fematek Augmented Reality Platform for EO/IR Systems

EO/IR systems are advanced gyro stabilized, multi-sensor systems that used in air and marine platforms for military and civilian operations. EO/IR systems are used on manned and unmanned environments together with maps with added symbology of where the platform is and where the camera is looking. During the pressure of the operations it is a time consuming task for the operators to fuse the data on the map, radar or transponder with the real time video feed. 

FARP is an augmented reality platform that we are developing which will be used to enhance the situational awareness of the operators of EO/IR systems by projecting a virtual world on top of the live video of feed of the real world. This is a problem where real and virtual cameras has to be registered and a virtual world renderer has to be created on top of an 3D map.



Current augmented reality programs for this field use simple line and text overlays but FARP is designed with a full rendering engine with dynamic lighting capabilities. With this feature it is possible to place 3D objects, semi transparent and textured layers on top of the real time video feed.

FARP is designed to use NASA SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topology Mission) data for elevation information in it is default configuration but it is possible to use high resolution 3D maps in it. 

In this talk we will give an overview of the system, its concept of operations and some of the test videos we did. As well as the unique way we are co-operating with national government and international manufacturers for the funding of research and development.

Sabancı University

02 OCT 2013, Wednesday



Dr. Emre Zeybek

Completed his PhD at Universite Paris-Est on signal and image processing (with speciality on multimodal video compression) in 2010. He previously worked at Texas Instruments and Air France. He currently works as a research engineer at Fematek Research and Technologies. His research interests includes metaheuristics, computer vision, rendering and augmented reality.

Dr. Ahmet Kutsi Nircan

Graduated from Istanbul Technical University and did his PhD at Bogazici University, Civil Engineering Department in 2006. He worked in sales and marketing at 3M Turkey. Started working at Fematek where in 2013 spinned off Fematek Research and Technologies.