Is my Teaching Helping my Students Learn?
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Is my Teaching Helping my Students Learn?

In recent years, educators in scientific disciplines have embraced a shift of focus in their courses from “teaching by the professor” to “learning by the student”.  This move required a serious reflection on the existing teaching practices and what constitutes “good teaching”, resulting in the current advances in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  Especially at the undergraduate level, many new educational initiatives that value “understanding” over “knowing” and focus on how something is taught, as much as what is taught, are being tested. 


This seminar will be an interactive discussion on how we teach and how our students learn. Using direct examples and references to the courses participants’ are currently teaching, we will reflect on how courses are developed, taught, and how student learning is assessed. We will briefly review current findings from cognitive psychology and education research and the reforms they initiated in Undergraduate Science Education in recent years.  Based on these discussions we will re-evaluate our best-practices and deliberate on what we can do as faculty to help our students learn more effectively. 

All faculty is encouraged to come including those who already attended the first seminar on Sep 18th, as this seminar will have a different emphasis on the major components of an integrated course design and hence we will entertain a different approach to reflect this new focus.