SUTD: A Novel Experiment in Higher Education and Research
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SUTD: A Novel Experiment in Higher Education and Research

The Singapore University of Technology and Design is being created in collaboration with MIT and Zhejiang University University.  The university envisions itself  to be a leading institution for education and research in Singapore and the world. It distinguishes itself from others through a combination of novel organization, cohort-based education, student-centric pedagogy, outside-in curriculum, fifth-row, focus on entrepreneurship and leadership, and most importantly, through the profusion of technically grounded design throughout the curriculum.
An International Design Center (IDC), a center for research in cyber security (iTrust), a center for research and development in games for entertainment and rehabilitation (Project GREaT) are some of the key hubs for quality research at SUTD that are well integrated with undergraduate and graduate education.  A fully funded PhD program enables outstanding graduate students from across the world to engage in cutting-edge research.
In this talk I will detail the uniqueness of SUTD. While SUTD is hiring talent in all areas and at all levels, I will focus on positions available for faculty, post docs, and PhD research (i.e., graduate students) in the areas of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems.

Aditya Mathur is Head of Pillar Information Systems Technology and Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, USA. His research spans software testing, software reliability, cyber security, and process control. His work relates to investigations into the effectiveness of testing techniques and their applicability to the testing of sequential and distributed software systems, methods for the estimation of software system reliability, and techniques and tools for managing a collection of Internet-enabled devices. He is the author of several textbooks including "Introduction to Microprocessors--the first book on this subject in India, and "Foundations of Software Testing" which is now in its second edition.