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Title and Abstract:

An Evolving Therapy Modality: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

A focused ultrasound beam is known to have the ability of heat generation at its focal spot when applied to a sound absorbing medium. This property has lead to the development of a therapy modality which, owing to the method, has been named as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). An ultrasound device with relatively higher power output capacity, focuses its beam to a spot in the body to ablate tissue. The device is placed on the skin or in an appropriate bodily orifice without a break in the skin or mucosa. The relatively weak pressure levels at the interface do not result in burns, however, field intensity at the focal point is strong enough to build temperatures as high as 80°C. Hence, the surgeon can ablate tumors without involving scalpels.

In this seminar, a brief introduction to medical ultrasonography with an emphasis on phased array beamforming will be provided. Following this, research work in SU on the development of a miniaturized HIFU device will be presented.

Short biography of the speaker: 
Ayhan Bozkurt is a faculty member at Sabancı University.