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Graphene for biology and Transmission Electron Microscopy

Graphene coated microtiter plates for biological analysis: Fabrication and integration of ready made graphene coated microtiter plates will be presented along with the transfer of the whole process to sticky slides. Inflammatory response and stem cell differentiation studies were being carried out using these substrates.

Graphene as a window for TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy): Conventional Silicon nitride membranes have been replaced by atomic layer thick graphene monolayer for live TEM imaging. Live imaging of water and nanoparticles within fabricated graphene nanoscrolls under TEM has been demonstrated for the first time giving a feasibility to study the water dynamics at nanoscale. Graphene nanoscrolls fabrication on a TEM grid and the results associated will be presented.

Short CV: Raghu acquired his phd in " Micro and nanofluidic devices for single cell and DNA analysis" from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, followed by a postdoctorate in " Disposable microfluidic devices" from Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna. Before moving to Sabanci University he worked as a Research Fellow at Graphene Research Center, National University of Singapore, Singapore, on exploring biological applications of graphene.