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Mechanical Behaviour Analysis of Advanced Materials by Multi-Scale Finite Element Modelling

Abstract: Finite element modelling is a widely used tool to analyse and predict the mechanical behaviour of structures. For advanced materials which are heterogeneous and orthotropic, performing multiple scale simulations are significant to fully understand the mechanical characteristics of these materials. In this presentation, three different studies that involves finite element analysis in different scales with such advanced materials are presented. In the first part, the fatigue crack propagation analysis of functionally graded materials is presented. In the second part, the mechanical behaviour of a textile product called nonwovens is analysed including some tests such as creep and orientation distribution determination. In the third part, a micro-scale computational analysis is performed to assess the stress concentrations in a new composite type: steel fibre reinforced composites.

Biography: Baris Sabuncuoglu was graduated from Middle East Technical University with BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a researcher then senior researcher in Structural Mechanics Division of Defense Industries R&D Institute in Turkey. He received his PhD from Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, UK with his study on finite element modeling of nonwoven materials. He is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in Composite Materials Research Group in Metallurgy and Materials Science Department, University of Leuven, Belgium on Micro-mechanical modeling of steel-fibre composites.