ME Seminar : Macro/Micro Scale Machining of Difficult to Cut
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  • ME Seminar : Macro/Micro Scale Machining of Difficult to Cut

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 Macro/Micro Scale Machining of Difficult-to-Cut Materials

 Abstract: The subject of this talk is macro- and micro-scale machining of some difficult-to-cut materials. Our group’s research focus is the modeling of material and manufacturing process interactions, and we aim to develop physics-based machining models and use them to improve the manufacturability of such materials. This talk will present our research on three such models and materials: macro-scale machining of carbon fiber reinforced polymers, which have become an important material in the aerospace industry; micro- scale machining of titanium alloys, which are commonly used in biomedical parts; and micro-scale machining of fused silica, which is important in micro-fluidic applications.

 Short Bio:

Yiğit Karpat received his B.Sc from Dokuz Eylül University, and his M.Sc from Middle East Technical University, both in Mechanical Engineering. In 2007, he received his Ph.D in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering from Rutgers University and joined Bilkent University as an Assistant Professor. He currently holds dual appointments in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bilkent, where he pursues research on modeling material/process interactions in manufacturing and is actively involved in the Micro System Design and Manufacturing Center established at Bilkent University with support from the Ministry of Development.