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Title: W State Quantum Networks

Speaker: Fatih Özaydın (Isık University)

Date/Time: May 7, 2014 Wednesday at 13:40 Place: Sabancı University, SUNUM seminar room

Abstract: Multipartite entanglement is at the heart of many quantum information processing tasks. Unlike bipartite case, multipartite entangled states fall into inequivalent classes such as GHZ, Cluster, W and Dicke and a state in one class cannot be converted to a state in another class via local operations and classical communications. What is more, several tasks require a state of a specific size and from a specific class. Therefore generation of each multipartite entangled state is a crucial step in quantum technologies. Efficient preparation of GHZ and Cluster states has been achieved but due to their sophisticated structure, this is not the case for W and Dicke states. In this talk we present our recent findings (in particular [1-3]) for efficient preparation of large scale polarization based entangled photonic W states.
[1] S. Bugu, C. Yesilyurt and F. Ozaydin, Phys. Rev. A 87, 032331 (2013).
[2] C. Yesilyurt, S. Bugu and F. Ozaydin, Quant. Info. Proc. 12, 2965 (2013).
[3] F. Ozaydin et al., to appear in Phys. Rev. A; e-print:

Biography: Fatih Özaydın received his BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Electronics Engineering from Isik University. He worked as a software engineer at Yaltes Inc. in the Integrated Maritime Surveillance System (IMSS) Project of Turkish Navy. As a Japanese Government (Monbusho-MEXT) Scholar, he received his PhD degree from Imoto-Koashi Lab., Osaka University. After working at Okan University, he is now back at Isık University. He is interested in quantum communication channels and networks, quantum Fisher information and measurement-based quantum computation.

Contact: Ozgur Bozat, ozgurbozat@sabanciuniv.edu