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Near-field and plasmonic effects in data storage and energy applications

Speaker: Kursat Sendur and Umut Tok

Date/Time: April 30, 2014 Wednesday at 13:40

Place: Sabancı University, FENS G035

In this seminar, we will summarize the recent developments in our research. The talk is composed of two parts: In the first part, we will discuss the challenges that the data storage industry is facing in a novel heat assisted magnetic recording technology. In the second part, we will discuss how the near-field and plasmonic effects can be used in solar energy applications. Plasmonic nanostructures have been shown to increase the AE in thin film solar cells via various mechanisms, which include (i) scattering of light by resonant plasmonic nanoparticles in active material at large angles to efficiently trap light in the active layer, (ii) increasing field intensity by localized plasmon modes around plasmonic nanoparticles embedded in the active layer, and (iii) trapping light by coupling it into surface plasmon polaritons propagating on the back metal-active layer interface. In this part, we will discuss how the nanoantenna arrays can be used to improve the efficiency of thin film solar cells.