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Biomanufacturing - A new technology to support regenerative medicine
Perşembe, Mayıs 22, 2014 - 13:40 to 14:40


                                                                           NANOSCIENCE SEMINAR


Additive manufacturing which builds objects layer by layer from a digital design is a powerful tool for the development of biomedical devices and other areas where mass personalization is required rather than mass production. Key amongst such devices are scaffolds for tissue regeneration and this lecture describes recent work at CDRsp which is enabling these new technologies.


Geoffrey Mitchell carried out his doctoral work at the University of Cambridge and subsequently held a JSPS Fellowship at Hokkaido University in Japan. Through to 2010 he was Professor of Polymer Physics and the Director of the Centre for Advanced Microscopy at Reading. His research work bridges physics, chemistry and technology. He has developed x-ray and neutron scattering methods coupled to computational molecular modelling and electron microscopy techniques. He has published over 260 papers across a broad range of topics in polymers, liquid crystals and other materials, together with 11 book chapters and 4 patents. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Prof. Dr.  Mitchell is member of the editorial boards of High Performance Polymers, International Journal of Polymer Science and International Journal of Physical Science. He is the Portuguese National Representative for the EU Cost Action FA0904. He is a Visiting Member of the Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Department of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. He was the Chair of the International Conference, Electrospinning held in London UK in March 2012.

SPEAKER:      Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Mitchell, Vice-Director, Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal

22 May 2014,  Thursday,  13:40  Sabanci University,  SUNUM G111