Variable shaped beam lithography for micro – and nanotechnology
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  • Variable shaped beam lithography for micro – and nanotechnology

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Variable shaped beam lithography for micro – and nanotechnology

Hartmut Schacke

Vistec Electron Beam GmbH, Jena, Germany

Electron beam lithography has long been accepted as valuable technology in research, science and manufacturing thanks to its high degree of flexibility and its fine resolution capability. Especially for advanced research and industrial use, concerning both mask making and direct write on wafers, electron-beam lithography systems have to meet the highest demands with respect to throughput, tool utilization and automated system operation, which goes in line with the respective industry standards. Since its first introduction in the early 1970s, Vistec Electron Beam’s Variable Shaped Beam (VSB) systems have been successfully used for these reasons.

Beside the general technical aspects of VSB technology, the presentation will discuss the specific requirements of industrial usage and their implementation in VSB lithography systems. Out of others flexible software solutions, fully automated substrate handling as well as the electron-beam lithography specific data preparation process including Proximity Effect Correction will be highlighted. Some technical features of the Vistec SB254 Variable Shaped Beam system will be disclosed in the presentation. Finally, the wide range of applications as silicon and compound semiconductor patterning, commercial mask making, integrated optics and nanotechnology will be illustrated on the basis of selective applications.