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Title: Modeling gamma-ray bursts from GeV to GHz
Speaker: Alexander van der Horst (University of Amsterdam)
Date/Time: November 19, 2014 Wednesday at 13:40
Place: Sabancı University, FENS G029

Abstract: Gamma-ray bursts are a broadband phenomenon, with emission detected across the electromagnetic spectrum from low-frequency radio waves to high-energy gamma-rays. Besides this extremely broad spectral range, they are also observed over a very large range of timescales, from millisecond variability in gamma-rays to the afterglows at radio frequencies that can sometimes be observed for years after the initial gamma-ray trigger. Our current understanding of gamma-ray bursts is based on these multi-frequency and multi-timescale observations. In this talk I will show how information from the various spectral regimes has led to a broadband picture of the physics behind the observed emission, the progenitors, and their environment. I will highlight recent developments, both observationally and in modeling work, for instance the searches for early radio emission, broadband modeling of optically dark bursts, and the detection of the brightest gamma-ray burst of the last three decades.

Contact: Ersin Göğüş