IE-OPIM Seminar: Scheduling in Healthcare
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Title: Scheduling in Healthcare
SpeakerSharif H. Melouk
Date/Time: October 15, 2014 Wednesday at 13:40
Place: Sabancı University, FENS G035


In this talk, I will discuss two research topics related to healthcare operations. In the first work, we address operating theater scheduling under uncertainty. In the second work, we look to investigate the issue of online appointment scheduling.

Elective operation scheduling significantly affects the financial health of a hospital and metrics important to stakeholders in an operating theater (OT) environment. In this research, we develop a novel scheduling formulation that explicitly considers the uncertainty in elective operation durations and also plans for potential randomly arriving urgent demands. Using a scenario-based modeling approach, the objective of this formulation is to minimize the sum of the maximum weighted start time tardiness of elective operations where the weight indicates operation priority. Since the problem is NP-Hard, we develop a two-step, heuristic solution approach that allows us to solve practical-sized instances in reasonable time. Experimentation shows incorporating uncertainty via scenarios reduces start time tardiness of elective operations and overtime. Moreover, explicitly considering urgent arrivals results in significant waiting time reduction for the initial urgent patient, with little impact on other key metrics.

As appointment scheduling plays a key role in the successful delivery of healthcare, in the second work, we look to investigate an online appointment scheduling setting through the use of analytic methods. A general framework for the problem setting will be presented.


Bio: Sharif H. Melouk (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University) is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the University of Alabama in the Department of Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science. He currently serves as the OM doctoral program coordinator and the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). His primary research interest is in discrete event simulation and simulation optimization with recent application areas pertaining to homeland security, supply chain management, emergency response, and production/operations. He has several publications in journals including: IIE Transactions, Computers and Operations Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, and Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports. He has obtained research grants through the U.S. Army Research Office and the U.S. Air Force Research Labs.

Dr. Melouk is the co-founder and current president of the INFORMS Deep South chapter and served as the general chair for the 2010 INFORMS regional conference. Moreover, he currently serves on the INFORMS Subdivisions Council and chairs the subcommittee on Analytics curriculum for the INFORMS university analytics program committee. He is also a topical editor for the Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science. Finally, he is a member of the Communications Committee for I-Sim and has organized the Introductory Tutorials track for the Winter Simulation Conference. He is an active member of INFORMS, POMS, and DSI.