MSc. Thesis Defense: Hamza Kazancı
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Hamza Kazanci
Mechatronics, MSc. Thesis, 2014


Thesis Jury

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Akşit (Thesis Supervisor), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Koşar,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlyas Kandemir


Date & Time: November 3rd, 2014 –  09:30 AM

Place: FENS L062

Keywords : Wind Turbine, Hub, Structural Analysis, Rotor




Wind energy has become one of the most popular sectors in the last decades due to lack of energy resources and environmental issues. These are the most significant problem in the world. Even many wars have occurred due to lack of energy resources. Especially, environmental issues due to energy production facilities have attracted attention with global warming, air and water pollution in recent years. Therefore, governments and universities encourage enhancements in wind turbine technology to make that more efficient with less cost. Wind turbine technology is one of the most important engineering subjects in recent years.


In this thesis, the analysis of the rotor hub of the first national wind turbine was examined. It has been meshed in HyperMesh with its neighbor components to simulate in a more realistic and detailed way with respect to 3D design which was created in SolidWorks. Contacts and loads have been defined in Abaqus. In other words, modeling process has been completed in Abaqus. Structural analysis has been performed for two different scenarios which were chosen as worst in same software. Analysis results have been examined for many different perspectives. Especially, stress values and contacts have been considered. Finally, fatigue analyses are conducted via FEMFAT BASIC. Reaction of the material against dynamic loading is examined.