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IE-OPIM Joint Seminar 4 February 2015 at 13.40 at FENS G035

Opportunities and Challenges of Additive Manufacturing for Metals in Demanding Sectors

Evren Yasa


In the last decade, additive manufacturing has gained significant interest for direct part production and started to change the way companies manufacture products; even in very demanding sectors like aerospace. It is widely considered as “New Industrial Revolution” or “The Future of Manufacturing”. Yet, it is almost never said that additive manufacturing technologies for metals have some challenges to be seriously tackled with. This seminar will present, on one hand, the way how additive manufacturing technologies have changed or may change the concepts of design and manufacturing. On the other hand, the main challenges of additive manufacturing of metals encountered during industrial adoption of these new technologies will be presented with a focus in industrial applications.

Dr. Evren Yasa is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at İstanbul Technical University. She has got her Master of Applied Science from University of British Columbia, Canada with her thesis on modelling, measurement and compensation of volumetric errors of machine tools under the supervision of Prof. Yusuf Altintas. Following her master degree, she had shortly worked as a research engineer in a project on machine tool dynamics at Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey. Then, she started her doctorate study in Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Pierre Kruth on combining Selective Laser Melting and Selective Laser Erosion/Laser Remelting. After she got her Ph.D. degree in 2011, she has worked as a post-doc in the same research laboratory on additive manufacturing. She has started working at Tusas Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) in 2012 as a technical discipline expert on additive manufacturing and repair applications. Recently, she has been promoted to “Senior Engineer” position in the area of advanced manufacturing activities at TEI. She also works as a Independent Expert for EU Horizon 2020 programs for European research and innovation, in the area of laser based manufacturing