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Date: March 4,2015(Wednesday)


Place: FENS G032

“Introduction to Maxim Istanbul Microelectronics Design Center and High-speed Automotive Integrated Circuit Design”, by Arda Bafra  


Seminar abstract: This seminar will introduce Maxim Istanbul Microelectronics Design Center to the attendees, whose products have gotten important design wins from top car makers of the world along with numerous patents and white papers in automotive high speed video/audio communications field. A general overview of Maxim in general, its Istanbul design center mission and vision for the future, products designed and introduced to the industry so far, introduction to high speed Integrated Circuit design for Automotive information, safety and entertainment systems will be among the topics covered in this seminar. Also, a Q&A session will be held at the end.  

Short biography:
Arda Bafra has BSEE degree from METU and MSEE degree from Purdue University. After working in the Silicon Valley, he returned to Turkey where he started up and lead IC design centers for Alcatel, Cypress and Maxim. He is heading up Maxim Istanbul design center, which is part of Maxim Automotive Business Unit, since 2005. Arda Bafra holds several patents in the area of high speed PLL’s and data communication