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Title: Smart ICs for mm-wave and THz Applications: „More-than-Moore“ Approach of SiGe BiCMOS Process
Date/Time: March 18,2015(Wednesday13:40-14:30
Place: FENS L065


AbstractIncrease of the fmax of HBT transistors in SiGe BiCMOS technologies has paved the way for single chip mm-wave systems, including the integrated on-chip antennas. Likewise, THz sensing applications has also found another highly integrated, cost-effective technology platform, namely BiCMOS. Meanwhile, SiGe HBTs show fmax values of 500 GHz. There is a growing interest in providing fully integrated solutions for 60 GHz WLAN, 77 GHz radar, 80 GHz point-to-point communication and 94/122/140 GHz imaging/sensor applications. Introduction of radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical structures (RFMEMS) as a monolithic option into state-of-the-art Si/SiGe BiCMOS foundry processes allows the designers the realization of single chip radio frequency microsystems. Using the same process techniques, realization of highly efficient on-chip antennas has become feasible, which in the millimeter-wave range no longer come with a hefty chip real estate penalty.


In this talk, the latest developments on SiGe BiCMOS proceses and embedded BiCMOS+MEMS integration concept will be presented. Reconfigurable circuits using embedded RF-MEMS switches and mm-wave transceivers with on-chip antennas will be discussed, as the application examples. Fully BiCMOS integrated microfluidics technology for THz-sensing appllications will also be presented. The presentation will cover the aspects of both technology challenges and the circuit implementation.


Short Bio: Dr. –Ing Mehmet Kaynak received his B.S degree from Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2004, took the M.S degree from Microelectronic program of Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey in 2006 and received the PhD degree from Technical University of Berlin, Berlin Germany in 2014. He joined the technology group of IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany in 2008. Dr. Kaynak has received the young scientist award of Leibniz institute for the year of 2014. Since 2015, he is heading the technology department at IHP.

Contact: Mehmet Keskinöz