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Title: Coating of Printed Electronic Boards by Using Turbulent Flow and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Speaker: Dr. Ozgur Ertunc

Date/Time: 1st April,Wednesday at 13:40 

Place: FENS L061


Abstract: Modern consumer electronics demands smaller, lighter and smarter deviceswhich in turn implies that more and more electronic compenents need to beplaced on the printed circuit boards (PCB). In other words, the density of thesecomponents needs to be increased. The introduction of high density intercon-nection (HDI) technology has led to multi-layer packaging of the componentson PCB’s. Similarly the amount of electric connections that need to be handledhas increased too. The electrical connectivity between the interconnects is ac-complished by the so-called vertical interconnect access, also called as microvias. 

Filling of microvias is one of the critical steps in the manufacturing of such multilayer PCB’s. With increasing demand for miniaturization, the number of packaginglayers has increased leading to manifold increase in the aspect ratio (height todiameter) of 

However, as the aspect ratioincreases, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure void-free and uniformdeposition of copper seed layer by electroless copper plating.  An approach is to increase the convection by forcing flow of fresh electrolyte in the microvia. This work discusses how tailored turbulent flows and acoustic cavitation can be used for this purpose. Experimental and numerical studies for  this purpose will be presented.


BIO: Dr.-Ing. Özgür Ertunç is an aeronautical engineer working in the field of thermo-fluid dynamics. After obtaining BSc and MSc degress from the aeronatical engineering department of METU Ankara, he joined to the Institute of Fluid Mechanics (LSTM) at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg.  He get his Dr.-Ing. degree in 2006 for his research on the turbulent flows. He established and led two research groups at LSTM, namely "Unsteady Fluid Mechanics"  and "Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence", in 2002 and 2010, respectively. He has given various graduate level courses in the area of fluid mechanics at FAU and FAU-Busan in South Korea. Since 2013, he is a member of the mechanical engineering department of Ozyegin University.


He acquired and led more than 30 projects for industry and 7 fundamental research projects. The results of his research found applications in power generation, pharmaceutical, automotive, coating, electronic, medical and house-hold sectors. He conducted and planned experiments in extreme environments such as under water turbulence measurements in Bosporus and diffusion measurements under microgravity created during parabolic flights. Already he joined to 90 parabolic flight maneuvers.

Contact: Ali Koşar