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Title: Intel Corporation and Introduction to Intel Turkey R&D Center

Speaker: Aslı Arslan Eşme (Intel Turkey R&D Director) 

Date/Time: April 29,2015(Wednesday) at 12:40-13:30

Place: FENS G032


Abstract: Vision of Intel Corporation, Intel Turkey R&D Center and its focus areas will be presented together with brief information on open innovation and maker movement.


Short Bio: Aslı Arslan Eşme (Intel Turkey R&D Director) currently leads an R&D team at Intel Turkey consisting of social scientists, education specialists, and hardware and software developers to create the next generation of intelligent systems and new devices. She started her career as an Integrated Circuit Designer at Alcatel Microelectronics and held various engineering and managerial positions in semi-conductor and ICT industry. Prior to joining Intel, she worked at Ericsson as Head of Business Development for the Microelectronics division.

Eşme has her BS in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University. She received her MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Edinburgh at Institute for Micro and Nano Systems in 1998 and afterwards received her eMBA degree from Bogazici University in 2004.

Contact: Mehmet Keskinöz