CS Seminar:Interactive Visual Data Analysis to Solve Analytical Problems
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  • CS Seminar:Interactive Visual Data Analysis to Solve Analytical Problems

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Title: Interactive Visual Data Analysis to Solve Analytical Problems 
Speaker: Dr. Çağatay Türkay
Date/Time: May 6, 2015, 12:40 - 13:30
Place: FENS L035
Abstract: The rapidly expanding application of experimental high-throughput and high-resolution methods in many scientific and industrial domains is creating enormous challenges for the analysts. Data sets are often highly heterogeneous, multi-scalar, and have significant levels of uncertainty. Visual analysis methods, in particular those that incorporate computational analysis, offer powerful solutions to empower analysts in coping with these challenges. This talk will walk you through methodologies in visual analytics over a number of examples of collaborative research projects.

Short Bio
: Çağatay Türkay is a Lecturer (Asst. Prof.) in Applied Data Science at giCentre in the Computer Science Department at City University London. He has a PhD in visualization from University of Bergen, an MSc from Sabancı University, and served as a visiting research fellow at the Visual Computing group at Harvard University in 2013. His research mainly focuses on designing visualizations, interactions and processes to enable the tight integration of interactive data analysis techniques with exploratory capabilities of analysts. He works with experts in various domains from biomedicine, to transport, to intelligence. He co-organizes, acts as paper chair, as committee member, and reviewer for conferences and journals in visualization and computer graphics.