MSc. Thesis Defense:Hayri Bakioğlu
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Hayri Bakioğlu
Industrial Engineering/Manufacturing Systems, MSc. Thesis, 2015


Thesis Jury

Prof. Dr Erhan Budak(Thesis Advisor), Assoc. Prof. Bahattin Koç,

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Bakkal



Date &Time: August 4th, 2014 –  12:30 PM

Place: FENS L062

Keywords : Micro End Milling, Cutting Process Modeling, Third Deformation Zone, Cutting Forces




Machining is one of the most frequently used techniques among other manufacturing methods. The developments on the machining have been continuing since the industrial revolution. Developments in micro and nano technologies led to a considerable increase in research efforts for manufacturing of these parts. Micro end milling operations have been one of the most widely used manufacturing method for producing these parts. As the tool radii are small and the tools are weaker than the ones in conventional milling, determination of cutting forces before the operation become an important consideration. The third deformation zone forces which are due to the hone radius at the cutting edge tip of the tool have a great contribution on the process mechanics as the uncut chip thicknesses are small.

The main aim of this thesis is to develop analytical models for micro end milling operations in order to be able to identify the cutting forces before the operation. Analytical models for the primary, secondary and third deformation zones are proposed. The third deformation zone forces and the bottom edge forces are also modeled with a mechanistic approach as well. All the proposed models are verified by experiments where reasonably good agreement is observed.