MAT Seminar: Cationic Helicenes & Triangulenes - Design & Applications
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  • MAT Seminar: Cationic Helicenes & Triangulenes - Design & Applications

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Title: Cationic Helicenes and Triangulenes - Design and Applications

Date/Time: 19 August, from 13:40-14:30

Place:  FENS G029 


Abstract: Helicenium and triangulenium ions are surprisingly highly stable carbocations. Over the past decade, improvements of their synthesis have permitted the construction of a variety of cationic triangulenes, [4]- and [6]helicenes. Decoration of those moieties with various functional groups allows a fine tuning of their electronic, optical and chiroptical properties.


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The synthesis and post-functionalization of those cationic helicenes and triangulenes will be presented and representative applications of those molecules will be disclosed.


Biography: Dr. Johann Bosson is native from France. He graduated from the High School of Chemistry, Physic and Electronic of Lyon (France). He continued to study chemistry as a PhD student at the University of Lyon with the financial support of the European Union. His research led to the patent of a new family of bioactive molecules. Subsequently, he obtained a fellowship from the French Cancer Research Agency to continue this work. He then switched from medicinal chemistry to catalysis and went to Scotland (UK) for a post-doctoral position. He next joined the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Jérôme Lacour and was appointed Assistant Professor in 2015 in the same research group. His current research deals with the design of highly stable carbocations and the development of innovative applications with these compounds. 


Contact: Alpay Taralp