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Molecular Biology Genetics and Bioengineering - Faculty Candidate

Abdullah Kahraman

"Combining Computational Structural Systems Biology to Study Oncogenesis”


Abstract: Somatic mutations within the human genome are the root of most cancers. The impact of cancer causing mutations on cellular processes remains however largely elusive. Here, I will present a research program that aims to identify cancer driver mutations in coding and non-coding regions on proteins, protein complexes and protein interaction networks. Key to these efforts will be the development of a new protein interaction network that holds the most comprehensive list of protein binding sites, stores knowledge on mutually exclusive interactions and provides tailored interaction networks for alternative protein isoforms. Using this new database, the impact of coding and non-coding mutations from whole cancer genome sequencing efforts of the International Cancer Genomics Consortium will be predicted. Furthermore, two novel structural proteomics approaches will be described for probing the structure and alterations of protein complexes in cancerous cells. The proposed combination of algorithms, data and methods will lead to an enhance understanding of cancer genotype-phenotype relationships and will identify new target genes for personalized cancer therapies.

Bio skech: Born in the German city Wetzlar, I did my undergraduate study in bioinformatics at the University of Applied Sciences Giessen. After receiving my diploma degree, I took the opportunity to do my Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge and the European Bioinformatics Insitute under the supervision of Prof Dame Janet M Thornton where I analysed the complementarity in protein-ligand binding sites. With the successful defense of my Ph.D. thesis, I moved to the the Aebersold Lab at the ETH Zurich to do a PostDoc in the field of proteomics and data driven molecular modeling with chemical cross-link data. As a short research scientist in the lab of Prof. Paola Picotti I furthermore extended my knowledge in targeted proteomics and limited proteolysis. Currently, I am an advanced PostDoc in the Mering Lab where I combine my extended experiences in the various omics fields to advance our understanding of genotype-phenotype associations with a particular focus on cancer.


December 3, 2015 - L030 - 13:40- 15:30