MSc. Thesis Defense:Onur Çarhacıoğlu
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Interface Diversity for Enhanced Quality of Experience in Home Networks


Onur Çarhacıoğlu
Electronics Engineering, MSc. Thesis Defense, 2015


Thesis Jury

Prof.  Özgür Erçetin , Assoc. Prof.  Özgür Gürbüz,

Prof. Hakan Ali  Çırpan, Assoc. Prof. Albert Levi and Assoc. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan.


Date & Time: 29.12.2015 –  13:40-15:30

Place: FENS L030

Keywords : home network, mesh network, heterogeneous network, Interface Diversity




Most of the modern home-networking devices have multiple interfaces, e.g., WiFi, PLC, Ethernet for connection. These devices constitute an in home heterogeneous mesh network. Channel aggregation and routing between these mesh-nodes are critical challenges that have potential to improve application quality. In order to aggregate the channels and find a best route, variety of parameters, such as interference, link quality and access technology must be considered.



In this work, we propose to use multiple interfaces as an apparatus of diversity to enhance the Quality of Experience of video streaming users. The proposed method, Interface Diversity, provides full-redundancy, and thus, not only decreases the packet loss, and average delay but also increases the saturation throughput. We formulated a multi-radio mesh network considering Interface Diversity. Centralized solutions are obtained for different network scenarios. Then, the distributed end-to-end routing using the Interface Diversity method and AODV is implemented by modifying a wellknown multi-radio routing method available in the literature. The performance of our interface diversity method and the proposed routing method are validated by extensive simulations in OPNET.