Novel Visualisation and Interaction Tools in Architecture
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Title: Novel Visualisation and Interaction Tools in Architecture

Speaker:  Dr. Sema Alaçam

Date/Time: Nov 4, 2015 12:40

Place: FENS L030

Abstract: The rapid evolution of information, communication and knowledge technologies (ICKT) has influenced many fields, architecture as well, over the last fifty years. This rapid evolution caused a paradigm shift in the way architects design and fabricate. Various tools, approaches and concepts have emerged accompanied with computational design approaches that have brought new ways of thinking during architectural design process. Even more recently,  designers have developed unique approaches in their exploratory process that have go beyond replicating natural systems. Instead analyzing natural and artificial systems as processes and as ecosystems that consist of the complex ecosystem have provided information for developing new design approaches and tools. This talk aims to focus on the impact of the visualization and interaction tools in architectural design process, specifically in the last two decades.  Selected implications of design interfaces and student works from Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program of ITU will be presented.

Bio: Dr. Sema Alaçam is an architect and a lecturer at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Architecture, Department o Architecture. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from ITU in 2005 and Master of Architecture degree from Architectural Design Computing graduate program of ITU in 2008. She attended Hyperbody Research Group Studies in TU Delft, Netherlands during 2006. Received her PhD in 2014, she was among the first generation PhD students at Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program in Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Department of Informatics of ITU where she also worked as a research and teaching assistant between 2007 and 2014. She worked at ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture, Chair of Structural Design in 2013-2014 during her PhD studies as an academic guest. Both her master and PhD research studies have been supported by BAP-ITU(Scientific and Projects-ITU) and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) under the number of 2210, 2211, 2214-A and 2224-A.