Strategic Customers in Queueing Systems with Batch Removals of Customers
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  • Strategic Customers in Queueing Systems with Batch Removals of Customers

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Title: Strategic Customers in Queueing Systems with Batch Removals of Customers

Speaker: Dr. Olga Boudali

Date/Time: March 11 Wednesday  at 13.40

Place: FENS G035

Abstract: For more than fifty years the studies in queueing theory focused on performance evaluation problems. However, during the last decades, there is an emerging tendency to study queueing systems from an economic viewpoint. More concretely, after studying the performance measures of the system, a certain reward-cost structure is imposed on the system that reflects the customers' desire for service and, on the other hand, their unwillingness to wait. Customers are allowed to make decisions about their actions in the system (for example they may decide whether to join or balk, to wait or abandon, to retry or not etc). The customers want to maximize their benefit, taking into account that the other customers have the same objective. Thus, each customer's decision influences the other customers' decisions and, so, the situation can be considered as a game among the customers. In this type of studies, the first problem is to find (Nash) equilibrium strategies for the customers (in other words, the individual optimal strategies). Moreover, The characterization of a customer's strategy as an Avoid The Crowd (ATC) or a Follow The Crowd (FTC) is of much interest. The social optimization problem is a third direction in such studies. We focus on queueing systems where batch removals of customers appear and try to analyze customers' equilibrium and social behavior of customers regarding the “balk-join" dilemma.

Bio: Dr. Olga Boudali studied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics, University of Athens. During her Master studies she specialized in Operations Research fields. She received her PhD in June 2014 by the same Department. Currently, she is a Tubitak fellow, doing her post doc research in Koc University, in Engineering's Department.