CS EE Seminar: Traffic Grooming
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Title: Traffic Grooming
Speaker: Mordechai Shalom
Date: February 25, 2015, 12:40-13:40
Place: G032
Abstract: In optical networks regenerators have to be placed on lightpaths in order to regenerate the signal. In addition, grooming enables the use of the same regenerator by several lightpaths. In this work we consider the problem of minimizing the number of regenerators used in traffic grooming in optical networks. We deal with the case in which a regenerator has to be placed at every internal node of each lightpath. Up to g (the grooming factor) lightpaths can use the same regenerator. Starting from our 4-approximation algorithm that solves this problem for a path topology, we provide an approximation algorithm with the same approximation ratio for the ring and tree topologies.  We present also a technique based on matching that leads to the same  approximation ratio in tree topology and can be used to obtain  approximation algorithms in other topologies. We provide an approximation algorithm for general topology that uses this technique.
Bio: Mordechai Shalom, holds a B.A. degree in Architecture from ITU, Technical University of Istanbul, from which he graduated at 1981. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Computer Science, Technion, at 2006. Since then he serves as Senior Lecturer in the Tel Hai Academic college and as Adjunct Lecturer at the Technion.  His research interests are Optimization Problems in Optical Networks, Distributed Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Online Algorithms, Algorithmic Graph Theory.