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IE-OPIM Joint Graduate Seminar: İbrahim Muter (Bahçeşehir University)


“An Overview of Two-Level Decomposition and Applications in Logistics Planning Problems” 

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Time: 13:40 – 14:30
Location: FENS L035

Abstract: A class of integer programming problems in the literature are amenable to Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition in more than one level. Applying decomposition in more than one level leads to compact models and better bounds. However, the methodologies to solve the resulting problems may become prohibitively complex. In this talk, a line of research that spans the problems amenable to two-level decomposition will be presented. First, the two-level decomposition will be exemplified with several problems, and a generic modeling approach will be presented. Then, the pros and cons of furthering one-level decomposition in the second level will be analyzed on these examples. The aim is to provide a guideline that can be used at the modeling and solution phases of these problems.

Bio: İbrahim Muter is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Bahçeşehir University. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Sabancı University, İstanbul, in 2011. Before joining Bahçeşehir University, he spent a year as a post-doc at CIRRELT. His research interests include integer programming, decomposition methods and logistics.