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IE-OPIM Joint Graduate Seminar: Ozan Gözbaşı (Optiyol Decision Analytics)

 From College to our OR Startup: Lessons Learned for Future Practitioners

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Time: 13:40 – 14:30
Location: FENS G032

Abstract: It’s common to see a truck driver stopping in front of the grocery store in your neighborhood to drop ice-cream boxes while you are having your breakfast at the cafe next door. What makes this special is knowing that the guy is following the route that was drawn by an algorithm you have developed and coded into a software. These are the best moments for an OR practitioner: all the courses you have taken, thousands of lines of code you have written now shapes the decisions in an operation. In this talk, we will share lessons learned in the first 10 years of a career as an OR practitioner drawing from various OR projects and share suggestions on what we need in our toolboxes in the new world of cloud applications and big data.


Bio: Dr. Ozan Gözbaşı holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from Boğaziçi University (2005). He received his M.Sc. degree in Operations Research (2006) and Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (2010). His dissertation focused on optimization algorithms for Radiation Treatment of Cancer Patients in collaboration with Emory University. He worked as an Algorithm Design Engineer at SmartOps (acquired by SAP) to develop enterprise-grade software for multi-stage inventory planning and optimization (2010-2012).  After returning to Turkey, he served as a management consultant at a mobile telecommunications operator for sales channel optimization and at a large consumer durable goods manufacturer for pricing analytics. In 2013, he served as the Manager of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research at P1M1. He co-founded Optiyol Decision Analytics in 2014, located at Teknopark Istanbul, and aims to develop SaaS solutions for supply chain optimization and revenue management. He is teaching Risk Management course at Özyeğin University and Revenue Management course at Boğaziçi University as a part-time instructor.