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Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) : State of the art and the strategy to adopt ?


Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ, Ecole  Centrale de Lille (France)

Abstract: Sweden has invested for decades on infrastructure, Germany is investing more than 200 billion euros to modernize its industry and position in key markets, Italy unites its small businesses and offers high-level services , the Netherlands seeks to combine smart industries in a strong national multi-stakeholders. The birth of "4.0 industry" is already a revolution that benefits those who take the turn.

3D printing (Additive manufacturing) is a component of these new smart industries. 3D technology can revolutionize the way that we have to design, build, implement projects. 3D printers are now seen as the third industrial revolution in the world (USA, China, Singapur, France…). They can also be considered to trigger the process that will ensure companies the ability to stop the de-industrialization and relocation and start considering the relocation of activities. Who has has the major advantages with industrial engineers and great talents that should be able to mobilize on these ambitious and highly competitive projects.

Bio: Pr. Dr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ, PhD in civil engineering is Full Professor at Ecole Centrale de Lille, former Dean of International Affairs, member of the School’s Executive Committee and is involved in the Local Agenda 21 (sustainable development) since its foundation (2008-2015).

Researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanics of Lille, UMR CNRS 8107 (rated A+ by the National Evaluation Agency AERES), in the team « Coupling Thermo-hydro-mechanical and chemical », where he directed and co-directed over 20 PhD thesis, participated in the defense of more than 30 PhD candidates, and directed projects and thesis about 34 Masters and Post-Doc. Research areas concern polluted sediments and their characterizations, their treatments and their reuse in civil engineering applications. He has been working since 2010 on the thermal problematic materials and buildings in the strategic energy context (Positive Sustainable Housing and Construction). Pr. Dr. Zoubeir LAFAHJ has been working, since few years ago, on additive manufacturing (3D printing) and lean construction in civil engineering application with industrial and academic partners.

Pr. Dr. LAFHAJ teaches courses in Engineering and Master Programs: 1 / numerical modelling to engineer; 2 / Diagnostic building works and sustainability of cementations materials; 3 / Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical dedicated students option Engineering school. He is Head of Educational Training ACE (Planning, Construction and Environment) which enables students to acquire and develop professional skills in the areas of Planning, Civil Engineering and Environment with strong connections with industry and professionals.

Pr. Dr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ was Dean of International Affairs of EC-Lille from 2008 to 2015, responsible for defining and implementing the European and international strategy worldwide. He specializes in negotiating partnerships, the creation of joint degrees, Erasmus Mundus networks, TIME (European) and RMEI (Euro-Med Engineers) networks. As part of his research, Prof Dr. LAFHAJ is the scientific director of a European CEAMaS (WP2) (2013-2015) project involving France, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland. Pr. Dr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ performs actions of joint research (joint PhD supervision and project) with many countries including Tunisia, Morocco, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Lebanon, the USA and Poland. He took part as consultant in GIZ project for PanAfrican University in Tlemcen (PAUWES) up to now.

With industries, Pr. Dr. LAFHAJ developed a strong network to transfer technology and knowledge. He was elected in the Competitiveness Cluster TEAM² (Environmental Technologies Applied to Materials and Materials) as member of the Executive Board. Multiple contracts for research, for joint-PhD and joint curricula have been signed with big and small companies such as: Solvay, Bouygues Construction, Rabot Dutilleul, BDN Briqueries, Eurovia (Vinci), Dickson, Sedigate, Valgo, Eiffage, Acelor Mittal, in vivo environnement, Ademe, BRGM, CD2E and Port of Dunkerque, Port of Tunisia.

He has got two projects from “Fonds Unique interministeriel” with the Label from French Ministries (Industry, Economy and Employability).

Keywords: lean construction, additive manufacturing, engineering, geotechnics, environment, materials, sustainable development, industry linkage, research, project management, international, leadership, and governance.

March 22, 2016 Tuesday at 11:40, FENS L065