MSc.Thesis Defense: Sinan Seymen
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Sinan Seymen
Industrial Engineering, MSc. Thesis, 2018


Thesis Jury

Prof. Dr İlker Birbil, Asst. Prof. Esra Koca,

 Asst. Prof. Duygu Taş, Assoc. Prof.  Hüsnü Yenigün, Assoc. Prof. Kemal Kılıç



Date & Time: 9th of January, 2018 –  01:00 PM

Place: FENS G032

Keywords : Approximation Methods, Turkish Electricity Day-Ahead Market, Energy Systems.





Electricity day-ahead market is used for matching the electricity demand and supply of participants with the uniform prices called market clearing prices. Market clearing prices should be announced fast enough to inform the participants about their bids' acceptance status. In this thesis, we provide a faster way of finding the optimal solution of the market with the specific constraints of Turkish day-ahead electricity market. The proposed method gives promising results and also its simplicity and adaptability is an advantage for using it with other methods in the literature. This proposed method works in 3 stages: First, the approximation of the main model is solved, secondly, a feasible solution is found close to the solution of the approximation, and thirdly, the feasible solution is given as an initial solution to the main model. Each step of the approach and additional enhancements will be discussed. Then we will test our approach with two datasets, one is generated and available to the public, and the other is real data from the Turkish day-ahead electricity market.