O. Soyer; Evolution of Signal Transduction Pathways , 30.03.2006
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  • O. Soyer; Evolution of Signal Transduction Pathways , 30.03.2006

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Evolution of Signal Transduction Pathways

Orkun S. Soyer, PhD
ETH Zentrum, Zurich, Switzerland

Biological signaling pathways are composed of different proteins acting in an orchestrated fashion. They allow a cell to sense external and internal signals and generate appropriate physiological responses. Mainstream studies of biological pathways involve experimental characterization of pathway components and using this information to model pathway dynamics mathematically. While such combined application of experiemental and theoretical approaches led to a detailed understanding of specific pathways, these approaches are highly dependent on each other and are limited by experimental procedures. I will present a new evolutionary approach to study biological pathways. This approach uses mathematical models and computer simulations to look at possible evolutionary processes and selective forces that lead to emergence of functional pathways. I will discuss the application of this approach for understanding pathways controlling chemotaxis in bacteria, and for studying general properties of biological pathways such as complexity and robustness.

March 30, 2006, 13:40, FENS 2019