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Seminar Series on MIMO Wireless Communications

Sabanci University Communication Theory and Technologies (CTT) Group organizes and presents a seminar series on signal processing and coding for Multi-Input Multi Output (MIMO) Wireless communications. The series will be given by Dr. Tolga Duman from Arizona State University and the following topics will be covered:



Seminar Title     


Capacity and information rate for MIMO Systems


Space Time Block Codes 

June20,  10:00am.-11:00am.

Space-Time Trellis Codes 

June20, 11:00am.-12:00am. 

High rate Space-Time Coding with Low Complexity 

June21, 10:00am.-11:00am.

Concatenated Space-Time Coding and Iterative soft Decoder 

June21, 11:00am.-12:00am.

Practical Issues in MIMO Communications 

June22, 10:00am.-11:00am. 

MIMO for Frequency Selective Channels 

June23, 10:00am-11:00am 

Transmit and Receive Antenna Selection 

June26, 10:00am-11am 


Note that all talks will be given in room L045 of Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Also, the registration is free but mandatory to attend the seminars. For registration, inquires and questions, please send email personally to Dr. Mehmet Keskinoz (

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Acknowledgement: This seminar series is sponsored by TUBITAK and Sabancı University.