F.T. Altekin; "Profit Oriented Disassembly Line Balancing", 31.05.2006
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  • F.T. Altekin; "Profit Oriented Disassembly Line Balancing", 31.05.2006

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 Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
IE 551 - Graduate Seminar


“Profit Oriented Disassembly Line Balancing”


F. Tevhide Altekin
Faculty of Management, Sabancı University

Istanbul, Turkey


Abstract:  Today manufacturers of products such as automobiles and electrical and electronic equipment are involved in product and material recovery activities so as to exploit economic gains, to conform to governmental legislations, and to respond to environmental concerns. The recovery activities consist of collecting the discarded products, their reprocessing and redistribution. Disassembly plays a crucial role in the reprocessing stage as it facilitates the removal of parts and materials that are to be recovered. Disassembly lines have been proposed as the most suitable setting for disassembly operations of products received in large quantities. In this study, we deal with the profit oriented partial disassembly line balancing problem, which simultaneously determines (i) the parts whose demand is to be fulfilled to generate revenue, (ii) the tasks that will release the selected parts under task and station costs, (iii) the number of stations that will be opened, (iv) the cycle time, and (v) the balance of the disassembly line, i.e. the feasible assignment of selected disassembly tasks to stations such that various types of precedence relations among the tasks are satisfied. The precedence relation types in disassembly are characterized and mixed integer programming formulation of the problem is provided. Linear programming based lower and upper bounding schemes are proposed. Computational results show that our approach provides near optimal solutions for small problems and is capable of solving larger problems with up to 320 disassembly tasks in reasonable time.

May 31, 2006, 13:40,  FENS L048


Zehra Öner

Sabancı Üniversitesi