M.Güzey; Prostate Cancer: Signaling and Genetics in Cancer Cells
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  • M.Güzey; Prostate Cancer: Signaling and Genetics in Cancer Cells

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Prostate Cancer: Signaling and Genetics in Cancer Cells

Meral Güzey

Prostate cancer is an increasing threat throughout the world. Almost all prostate cancer patients become resistant to therapy that blocks androgen-mediated cell proliferation. These therapies eventually fail, leading to a uniformly lethal drug-resistance stage called androgen-independent, or hormone refractory disease. An effective, relatively nontoxic treatment is under investigation. We will discuss new advances in prostate cancer focusing on apoptotic genes and their signaling pathways. Moreover, early diagnosis, detection and prevention of urologic cancers will be described through emerging proteomic technology in biomarker discovery.

Research Interest and Biography
Dr. Güzey’s current research is focused on molecular abnormalities found in human prostate cancer, which lead to abnormal growth, cellular transformation and cell death program. Specifically, she has been focusing on developing stem cell, cancer cell, and animal models. She has been investigating how prostate cancer cells are mechanistically responsible for regulating steroid responses in prostate cancer. She hopes that her research will bring a better understanding of mechanisms of prostate cancer resistance to anti-androgen therapy and generate insights regarding the hormone refractory state to which nearly all-metastatic prostate cancers evolve. In the future, she would like to study how prostate cancer cells spread to bone marrow and acquire the ability to grow in the absence of androgen. Her future aim is to be able to see her basic findings lead to new protocols to be examined in clinical trials and eventually be made available for general medical use.

Dr. Güzey is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and received her PhD and MSc from University of Maryland College Park, Hacettepe Medical School and University of Wisconsin at Madison under the auspicious of BAYG-TUBITAK. Her post-doctoral training was under Dr. J.C. Reed (Burnham Institute) and worked with Dr. Robert Getzenberg (John Hopkins) as research associate.

April 11, 2007, 13:30 - 14:30, FENS L048