S. Markon; "Challenges of Multi-Car Elevators", April 17, 2007, 13:40
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  • S. Markon; "Challenges of Multi-Car Elevators", April 17, 2007, 13:40

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

"Challenges of Multi-Car Elevators"

Sandor Markon
Senior Researcher, Fujitec Co., Ltd.
Professor, Kobe Institute of Computing

Multi-car elevators (MCE) are a promising technology that is expected to revolutionize vertical transportation and bring very substantial economical benefits to the urban property development business, by offering large savings in floor space usage. However, there are many technical challenges to be solved before MCE can become a viable alternative to traditional elevators. On the hardware side, efficient and reliable drives, safety devices, power and signal transmission methods and light but strong structural elements need to be developed. On the software side, MCEs require completely new control methods and analysis techniques.
Fujitec, as a leading elevator manufacturer, had been a pioneer of developing several critical technologies for MCE systems. This talk will introduce the general concepts of MCE, and describe in some detail the latest group control method, using EBP (Exemplar-Based Policy) with GA (Genetic Algorithm) optimization.

Bio: Received the Dipl. Ing. degree from Budapest Technical University in 1973 and joined Ganz Electric Works, then in 1979 Fujitec. Received the Ph.D. degree from Kyoto University in 1996. Had been working on applications of computer control, simulation, and soft computing technologies in the field of elevator systems. Has published a book and many papers in these topics, and holds more than 30 patents. Besides his research work, he has been teaching at the graduate school of Kobe Institute of Computing since 2005. Dr. Markon is member of IEEE, INNS, SICE and other societies.

April 17, 2007, 13:40, FENS G032