A.Gürsoy; "PRISM: Protein Interactions by Structural Matching", 16.05.
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  • A.Gürsoy; "PRISM: Protein Interactions by Structural Matching", 16.05.

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

PRISM: Protein Interactions by Structural Matching

Atilla Gürsoy
Koç University
Computer Engineering Department

Elucidation of the full network of protein-protein interactions is crucial for understanding of the principles of biological systems and processes; thus there is a need for in silico methods for predicting interactions. In this talk, a novel algorithm for prediction of protein-protein interactions that combines structure and evolutionary similarities in protein interfaces will be presented. The algorithm seeks possible binary interactions between proteins (targets) through similar known interfaces (templates).  The algorithm is employed in a web based system, PRISM, for the querying, visualization and analysis of the protein interfaces and putative protein-protein interactions derived from known protein structures in PDB. Another feature of PRISM is the visualization of protein interaction network derived from the predicted binary interactions. The visualization is based on a multi-modal network representation, incorporating the relationships between entities such as interfaces, proteins, domains, and functional annotations.  PRISM, with its graphical features, is a valuable resource for analyzing protein-protein interactions.

The server is available at http://prism.ccbb.ku.edu.tr


May 16, 2007, 14:40, FENS L058