A.Vertiy; "Development of a Microwave&Millimeter...", Nov.21, 13:40
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  • A.Vertiy; "Development of a Microwave&Millimeter...", Nov.21, 13:40

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Development of a Microwave and Millimeter Wave (Terahertz) Tomography System

Alexey A. Vertiy

In this seminar, development of a microwave and millimeter wave (Terahertz) tomography system will be presented. This system is based on microwave tomography and used for detection and visualization of dielectric (plastic) materials that is not possible to detect by conventional detection systems such as metal detector. Slice to slice images of observed object both in depth and height is shown on the screen after mechanical scanning and processing data. Inverse problem and tomography algorithms are used for data processing. The position and the image of subsurface object are visualized on the computer screen. All hardware and software of the setup are developed in ILHT. Inhomogeneities in dielectric can be detected nondestructively by this prototype. The prototype can be used, as a civil engineering application, to visualize reinforcement quantity in a concrete block. The prototype is composed of a laptop computer, data acquisition hardware and software and receiver- transmitter antennas. Cracks and defects inside the dielectric material are also visualized.

Alexey A. Vertiy(Oleksii Vertii) -Director of ILHT- (Senior Member of IEEE 2000) was born in Ukraine in 1947. He graduated from the School of Radio Physics of the Kharkov Institute of Radioelectronics in 1970. He received Ph.D. degree in radio physics from the Institute of Low Temperature Physics National Academy of Science of Ukraine in 1974 and D.Sc. degree in radio physics from the Kharkov National University in 1987.Since 1970 till 1999 he has been with the Institute of Radio-Physics and Electronics (IRE) of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine where he holds the post of Head of Radiospectroscopy Department.In between 1988 to 1997 he holds part time Professor position in High Frequency Physics Department of Kharkov National University. Since 1993 he held research fellowships and visiting professorships in Turkey. Currently he is with TUBITAK Marmara Research Center as Director of International Laboratory for High Technologies. In 1999 he has been appointed as Official Representative of National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Republic of Turkey. His interests include radio-spectroscopy, electromagnetics properties of materials, quasioptical open structures in millimeter wave band and their applications for generating millimeter waves by electron beams, magnetic resonance spectroscopy for nuclear polarized targets in mm waveband, subsurface microwave and millimeter wave tomography for remote sensing and medical applications, near-field measurements. He is a member of Editorial Advisory Board of the “International Journal of Infrared and Milimeter Waves”. He is coauthor of two boks.

 November 21, 2007, 13:40, FASS 1103