M.C.Demirel; "Structured Polymer Brushes", Dec.24, 2007, 13:40, L062
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  • M.C.Demirel; "Structured Polymer Brushes", Dec.24, 2007, 13:40, L062

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Structured Polymer Brushes

Melik C. Demirel, The Pennsylvania State University

The ability to control the chemical and physical properties of surfaces has scientific and technological importance in many areas including biomedical coatings, biosensing, tissue growth, and biocatalyst supports. Recently, we demonstrated that structured polymers can be fabricated by an oblique angle deposition method [1-6]. These structures have high aspect ratio (~1000:1) and the production technique does not require any template, lithography method or a surfactant for deposition (Fig. 1). The structured polymer films are conformal to any surface and suitable for industrial applications. Our method is a bottom-up process based on oblique angle deposition. In this process, monomer vapors produced by pyrolysis of chemically functionalized [2.2] paracyclophane precurcors are directed at an oblique angle towards a surface to initiate structured polymer growth. Inclined deposition induces growth of poly(p-xylylene) nanofibers leading to a nanostructured surface comprising clusters of ~100 nm diameter nanocolumns. This approach allows us to tune the chemical properties of the resulting films, such as hydrophobicity, porosity, electrochemistry, chemical reactivity, surface energy and crystallinity.

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December 24, 2007, 13:40, FENS L062